Our product is not pre-cast. It is a custom installation at your residence, business etc. At the end of the day the only difference you will notice is a beautiful distinctive concrete border that adds to your landscape.


Free Site Evaluation and Estimate

It is very important for us to look at each site. We want your yard to be the showcase of the neighborhood. We will give professional advice and design ideas so that your concrete curbing will contour, flow, and beautifully compliment your landscape.


Approximate Installation Date

We will give you an approximate installation date when your concrete curbing will be installed. Any variances are usually due to the weather.


Ground Preparation

Before ground preparation begins we will mark the contours and curves of your landscape with marking paint. The ground is then prepared with a sod cutter. A trench is dug usually about 2 inches deep by 8 inches wide. Great care is taken to make sure trench is as flowing as we had designed.


Mixing the Concrete

The concrete is mixed on site. A special mix containing portland cement, sand, and fiber-mesh (for strength) produces the concrete with a strength exceeding 3000 lbs. per square inch.


Concrete Extrusion

The concrete is wheelbarrowed to the curb machine, fed into the machine, and extruded into a beautiful continuous landscape border.



Troweling is completed immediately after the curb is extruded to take out any imperfections and to smooth the concrete. Great care is taken to achieve a professional finish. Then a slurry is mixed and poured onto the curb to achieve the color that you desire. Then the curb is troweled again. Next the pattern that you have chosen is imprinted onto the curb. Control joints are cut into the curb every three to four feet. This will allow the concrete to expand and contract during different seasons.


Caring for the Curb


The concrete curb is very vulnerable for the first 48 hours. It is very important to keep children, guests and pets away from the curb for the first couple of days. During this time if the curb is walked or stepped on it can be crushed. Also, any irrigation must not be used for 48 hours after the curb is installed. After the first couple of days it can be stepped on and irrigated on without damage. The curb is virtually maintenance free with the exception of resealing the curb every two years to maintain the appearance. Enjoy your beautiful new landscape border from Curbs by Design.